Parking on pavements in Sheffield city centre now banned

Parking on pavements in Sheffield city centre is now banned.

By Lauren Kelly
Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 9:19 am

The ban means vehicles parked on a footpath next to controlled crossing zigzags, bus stop clearways, parking bays and unrestricted roads can be fined.

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The ban will be in force on some of Sheffield’s busiest streets such as West Street and Arundel Gate.

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Sheffield Council now has the power to tackle parking on pavements

Signs will be put up to inform drivers of the ban.

Previously it was only the police who were allowed to issue fines for parking obstructions but now Sheffield Council has formal powers to take action.

Councillor Douglas Johnson, executive member for climate change, environment and transport, said: “This is a big win for people who just want to use pavements safely without being obstructed by a vehicle.

“People will now be safer in our city centre.”

Green councillor Martin Phipps said: “Its great news, pavements are for people and not for cars to park on.”

The council revealed plans to make it illegal to stop at any time on a path or verge around city centre streets near the end of last year.

In a report, council officers said: “There is increasing public pressure to tackle parking on pavements in the city centre which is hindering pedestrian safety by obstructing access and visibility.

“Feasibility and design works are currently being undertaken to investigate options to address the issue with the aim of preventing vehicles from parking behind controlled crossing zigzags, behind bus stop clearways, behind pay and display bays, private land beyond public highway and any other area identified as a risk to pedestrians.”

Ahead of a consultation on the plans last year, Coun Johnson said: “We receive a high number of complaints about pavement parking and I’m pleased that we’re now able to take this action which will hopefully act as a deterrent to those who choose to break the rules. There are plenty of on-street and off-street car parks in the city centre that are available to use, and I want it to be clear that parking on the pavement is not an option.”

Parking enforcement officers will fine drivers for £70 for pavement parking or £35 if paid within 14 days.

The police can also still fine drivers for obstructing the footway.