Dan Walker: Vanished presenter defends King Charles III looking ‘a bit grumpy’ during coronation

Dan Walker has shared his thoughts on King Charles III’s coronation celebrations
Dan Walker has reacted to the celebrations for King Charles III's coronationDan Walker has reacted to the celebrations for King Charles III's coronation
Dan Walker has reacted to the celebrations for King Charles III's coronation

This weekend, people from all over the country braved the rain and wind to celebrate the crowning of King Charles III. The streets were cladded with sopping wet union jack flags in true British fashion, whilst quiche and scones were consumed by many.

Sheffield resident Dan Walker has weighed in on the many events which took place for King Charles III’s coronation. The Vanished presenter enthusiastically tweeted throughout the ceremony and surrounding proceedings.

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Dan shared his delight to see five-year-old Prince Louis appearing on the balcony to wave to royalists outside Buckingham Palace. In the clip, Louis waves unenthusiastically with both hands, completely straight faced. Dan shared the clip to Twitter, with the caption: “The lad is a legend #PrinceLouis #Coronation 😂”

To end Saturday’s events, the coronation concert took place at Windsor Castle. Adored performers including Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Take That took to the stage to mark the crowning of the new king. 

Amongst many others, Dan Walker was a fan of the mesmerising drone display at the concert. Drones were arranged into different animals and objects, which could move in unison to create large scale visual displays for the audience, without the environmental impact of fireworks. The former Football Focus presenter shared some snaps of the displays, telling his followers: “My mind is still slightly blown”.

Prior to the ceremony, King Charles III was spotted looking ‘grumpy’ in a carriage on his way to Westminster Abbey. In a tweet from Sky News with over 7 million views, the clip was overlaid with subtitles interpreted by a professional lip reader. The interpretation reveals King Charles was allegedly unhappy that they were late and that he was bored of waiting.

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Dan Walker comically recognised that this shouldn’t be taken too seriously, noting that grumpiness comes with age. He shared the clip, writing: “Man in his 70s gets a bit grumpy… like every man in his 70s ever”.

This divided the Channel Five newsreader’s 803,000 followers. One user said: This isn’t it Dan. He’s not just a “man in his 70’s”. He’s sat in a golden carriage, having had 200 million spaffed on his big day, only to have a tantrum and say it’s boring.”

Others empathised with the new King, who is now the highest paid head of state in world history. Another user responded: “He’s also incredibly stressed and a 70 year old man”.