Abbeydale Road Sheffield: 16 restaurants and cafes recently given food hygiene inspections

There are 16 restaurants and cafes across the length of Abbeydale Road that have recently been handed a new food hygiene rating.

Every business is given a food hygiene rating following an inspection by one of Sheffield Council’s environmental health officers, in conjunction with the Food Standards Agency. Each rating ranges from 5 to 0 which is then displayed online, and can be placed at their premises.

The reason of this rating, according to the FSA, is "so you can make more informed choices about where to buy and eat food". For this reason, we have collated a list of all those recently inspected on Abbeydale Road to help those who live or are visiting the area to choose where to visit for a three-course meal or simply a short lunch break.

We have also recently looked at food businesses in Broomhill and Ranmoor, London Road, Ecclesall Road, and Crookes to help those looking for a bite to eat in those areas.

According to the FSA, 0-star food hygiene ratings are given to businesses where “urgent improvement is required”, and a 5-star food hygiene rating means hygiene standards are very good.

From highest rating to lowest, here is the list of the 16 restaurants and cafes on Abbeydale Road that have been inspected since January 2022.