Fulwood Road: Food hygiene ratings of cafes and restaurants in Sheffield suburbs Broomhill and Ranmoor

Sheffield’s popular suburbs of Broomhill and Ranmoor are hotspots for students and families, so it’s no surprise to find an abundance of food outlets here.

With half-term underway for many students in Sheffield, it is likely some families will look to treat themselves to a bite to eat in a cafe or a meal out in a restaurant without the hassle of washing up. We have taken a look at 18 cafes and restaurants across Fulwood Road and some of its adjoining streets to help you make the best decision of where to go.

Every food establishment is inspected by the Food Standards Agency, in conjunction with Sheffield City Council, to ensure that it is delivering its food in the safest manner. Businesses are given a food hygiene rating score ranging from zero, meaning urgent improvements are required, to five, meaning it is following all relevant food laws.

If you haven’t visited one of the restaurants or cafes below, now could be your chance to take the plunge and see what you think.