Did you see huge fireball over Sheffield last night? Meteor sightings reported across UK

A huge fireball was spotted in the skies over Sheffield last night – with meteor sightings and ‘sonic booms’ reported across the UK.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 7:30 am

Posting on Facebook, Roy Syphas wrote: “I think I just saw the biggest shooting star falling over Sheffield Questioning my sanity at how big it was - quite a large fire ball.

“I know these things happen but never seen something like that. Looking on from Birley Lane over the golf course. Anyone else?”

And it seems he wasn’t alone with numerous sightings of meteors and fireballs in the skies across the UK last night.

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Fireball meteors were reported in the skies over Sheffield last night. (Photo: Stock)

According to reports, at least 60 were spotted, from as far afield as Essex to northern England.

Some described hearing a “sonic boom” moments before the flash of light at around 9.54pm.

UK Meteor Network's Twitter site account wrote: "We have received 60 fireball reports this evening."

One of the eyewitnesses responded: "One of those reports is me - I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes!

"Most incredible thing ive ever seen it was like a firework. I’m so excited!!!"

Another wrote: “OK I might be going mad but I swear I just saw like... the brightest shooting star/meteor?

"Looked like a firework but was coming down from the sky?!?! Anyone else in London/Essex see something? Freaked me out.”

A third said: “Just saw a huge #meteor around 21:55 over Manchester. Very impressive.”

Meanwhile another Twitter user wrote: “Did anyone just hear a dull boom? Almost like a sonic boom?”

Meteor are lumps of space rock that produce shooting star like fireballs as they burn up when they enters Earth's atmosphere.