Sheffield drivers left furious after new Tim Hortons drive-thru causes traffic chaos

A new drive-through restaurant in Sheffield has responded to complaints about traffic ‘chaos’ caused by its opening.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 2:43 pm

Social media has been flooded with complaints about traffic and parking issues following the opening of Tim Hortons on Drake House Crescent, in Waterthorpe, near Crystal Peaks, last Thursday, June 24.

A one-way system and traffic marshals have been introduced in an attempt to minimise the impact.

Many people have commented that the disruption over the weekend put them off visiting other shops at the retail park, including Aldi and Home Bargains.

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A one-way system has been introduced to deal with traffic caused by the opening of the new Tim Hortons restaurant near Crystal Peaks, Sheffield

Writing on Facebook, one person called it a ‘nightmare’ and described how they had planned to visit Aldi and Home Bargains but ‘gave up’.

“Hope it settles down when the novelty has worn off or other businesses there will lose custom,” they added.

Another person commented: “We’ve lived in this area for years and it was never going to cope with the traffic.”

Drivers queuing outside the new Tim Hortons restaurant in Sheffield

And a third said: “Aldi at Eckington and Home Bargains on the Parkway will get my custom. Not going anywhere near there while this chaos continues.”

But others were confident things would soon improve, with one person writing: “Tim Hortons has brought jobs to the area as well as a boost to all the suppliers of the eating out sector that’s taken a massive hit over the last 18 months.

“Traffic will calm down in time but at the moment people are desperate to do something normal.”

Tim Hortons issued a statement, saying: “We are delighted with the reception from the local community on the launch of our new Tim Hortons Drive Thru restaurant at Crystal Peaks Village Retail Park. We have however, seen that due to the unprecedented demand, there has been an increase in traffic around the retail park.

“We have been liaising with the landlord, who put a traffic management plan in place on the retail park including a one way traffic flow system from opening. Additionally, we have employed traffic marshals who are out supporting the movement of traffic from 9am-9pm and are working hard to manage demand as best as possible.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely. Our team are working very hard to serve our guests as quickly as possible, whilst also delivering the great quality food and drinks we are known for.”