Sheffield's misbehaving pups could be given another chance in new Channel 4 show

Dog-owners in Sheffield are being invited to take part in a television show to train their lovable pups.

Thursday, 31st March 2022, 2:00 pm

Five Mile Films, makers behind The Simpler life, The Pandemic of no 47 and Murder in the Valleys have introduced a brand-new TV production for Channel 4 and are looking for dog-owners in Sheffield to take part.

From the release of the Dog House, the production teams are currently making a new prime time series called The Dog Academy which is all about misbehaving dogs and their owners.

The show is aimed for people who might be struggling with their dog’s behaviour and need help to overcome their dog’s behavioural issues. The show is looking to help with various problematic issues and have assembled a team of trainers to help owners transform their dogs ‘once and for all’.

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The Dog Academy coming to Channel 4, flyer with instructions how to apply

The series will be filmed later this year, and the show is on the hunt to find people fit for the role on the show take take part.

Melanie Beatsom, from the production company said: “We hope that the owners will leave the Dog Academy with the tools and training to change their dog's behaviour for the better going forward.”

Anybody aged 18 and above can apply to be on the show and must apply via email on: [email protected]

The academy will be based in the Midlands where dog trainers will offer advice and training techniques to owners struggling with their dog's behaviour.

To learn more about the producers or if you are interested, go to

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