Spring 2022: When do the clocks go forward this March, what does it mean for your sleeping pattern?

Days are getting lighter and longer now that spring is here - but when do the clocks change?

Monday, 21st March 2022, 3:04 pm

This year the clocks go forward on Sunday, March 27 – which is also when Mother’s Day is.

Every year in the UK the clocks go forward one hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March.

They go back one hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October.

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The clocks change on Sunday, March 27 so set your alarm an hour later than usual or you'll lose out on an hours sleep.

Here is everything you need to know about the clock change this year.

Why do the clocks change twice a year?

The concept was formed back in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin but it was not introduced to the UK until 1916 – during World War One.

The system was designed to make the most out of the sunlight in the summer months.

It was also introduced as a way to save money – you don’t need to turn the lights on if the sun is shining.

What is Daylight Savings Time?

When the clocks are one hour ahead it is called British Summer Time (BTS) or Daylight Saving Time.

This period of the year is characterised by longer periods of daylight.

When the clocks go back in Autumn it is known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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Why do we say ‘spring forward?’

‘Spring forward, fall back’ is a handy way to remember which way the clocks are moving in which season.

It is quite simple really, in spring the clocks go forwards and in autumn they always go back.

The mnemonic was printed by newspapers in the 1920s to help people adjust to the new way of life.

Will I lose sleep when the clocks change?

Yes, when the clocks change in spring we lose one hour of sleep.

It might be a good idea to head to bed an hour earlier than normal otherwise you may feel rough.

But compensation comes in the form of lighter and brighter evenings – next week the sun will set at around 7.30pm.

When will the clocks change again?

On October 30, 2022 the clocks will go back.

In 2023 they will go forward on March 26 and go back on October 29.