Cycling in Sheffield: New law to give cyclists priority on roundabouts over motorists due to start

Motorists are to be told to give way to cyclists on roundabouts under new laws that could be in place by the end of the month.

Sunday, 23rd January 2022, 7:01 am

It comes as footage emerged this week of a cyclist falling from his bike after a close encounter with a van as they came off Hunters Bar roundabout on Ecclesall Road.

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The new rule, which is expected to appear in the Highway code, states: “You should give priority to cyclists on the roundabout. They will be travelling more slowly than motorised traffic. Give them plenty of room and do not attempt to overtake them within their lane. Allow them to move across your path as they travel around the roundabout.

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Cyclists are now going to have priority over motorists at roundabouts

Cyclists, horse riders and horse drawn vehicles may stay in the left-hand lane when they intend to continue across or around the roundabout. Drivers should take extra care when entering a roundabout to ensure that they do not cut across cyclists, horse riders or horse drawn vehicles in the left-hand lane, who are continuing around the roundabout.”

The laws are currently going through parliament as part of a package of measures designed to protect cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.

It would come into effect on January 29 if it is not blocked or delayed in the parliamentary process, said a spokesman for the Department for Transport.

After the incident on Ecclesall Road, which happened on Tuesday, the cyclist involved, Phil Moore, described cycling in Sheffield as ‘terrible’.

He said: “There’s no infrastructure, and really poor awareness from drivers.”