Sheffield cyclist tells of shocking moment car passenger nearly pushed her off her bike

A cyclist has told of the shocking moment a car passenger nearly pushed her off her bike in Sheffield.

Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 10:14 am
The incident took place on Herries Road heading towards Penistone Road near the Sheffield Wednesday football stadium at Hillsborough

The incident happened on Saturday evening (October 23) at about 10.30pm when she was travelling home from work.

As a car drove past her on Herries Road, one of the four people inside stuck their arm out towards the cyclist and struck her while she was on her bike.

The cyclist, who has asked to remain anonymous, says the person nearly knocked her off the bike, but she was luckily able to remain upright.

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"I was coming down Herries Road, towards Penistone Road, on Saturday evening at about half past ten, a car came past me with about four people in it, all wearing hoodies. One of them leaned out the car and struck me on my bike and nearly knocked me off.”

She cycles to and from work on a regular basis, and regularly uses the route down Herries Road on her way home.

"It’s a short journey, I don’t really want to be using my car for it,” she added.

After this incident, the cyclist is questioning whether it is worth the risk of using her bike in future due to safety concerns for people cycling on the road. She says it is becoming harder to manage cycling due to traffic and the risks on the roads.

"It is making me question whether it is safe for me to do it. I don’t want that to be the case but I worry that one day I’m not going to stay upright and it is going to be a horrible crash,” she said.

"I have cycled all my life, I’m a competent cyclist, I used to race, and I know people that have had incidents with cars and have lost their lives from it, so yes, it is becoming more and more difficult and I’m trying to convince myself at the moment to get back on my bike and ride to work again, but it is harder.”

The incident has been reported to South Yorkshire police and anyone with information should call 101.