South Yorkshire Police find huge wad of cash down man's pants

A huge wad of cash was confiscated by South Yorkshire Police after it was found hidden down a man’s pants during a search.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 11:44 am
This wad of cash was found hidden down a man's pants

The man was found sleeping in the passenger seat of a van which had broken down in a live lane of the M1 last week.

Traffic police said he was arrested on suspicion of being the driver of the van, drink driving and taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

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When he was searched during his time in police custody, officers found thousands of pounds in cash.

In a Facebook post about the incident, South Yorkshire Police’s operation support unit said: “This van was reported to us as being broken down in a live lane of the M1.

“It was dark and the vehicle was unlit. There is no shoulder here, so we rushed to help as quickly as we could, from across the other side of the county, lights and music a go go.“When we got there, we found the unlit van, with no driver. There was a male in the front passenger seat however, having a little nappy nap. An alcohol powered nappy nap.“The passenger said that the driver had gone for fuel. That was a bit of a fib.“We asked the male to blow into one of our breath boxes. He did. It didn't end well for him.“It got even worse when we asked about his driving documents. Much like permission to take the van, he didn’t have any.”The post continued: “Things got worse still at custody.“If you didn't know, everyone gets searched when they get to custody. And once you've been a cop for more than five minutes, you learn that, for some reason, people that want to hide things from us tend to do so in their underwear.“Drugs? I know, I'll stick them in my pants!“Shoplifted meat, coffee, chocolate? I know, straight down my pants!“Tools used for breaking into stuff? I know, the cops will never find it in my pants!“Several thousand pounds in cash? I have a brilliant idea!“The trouble is, everyone has the same brilliant idea and we always find it. And we found it this time as well.“The chap's attitude towards us changed significantly when we found the large wad of cash he was using to insulate his gentleman parts, to the extent that we don't think we are on his Christmas card list any longer.“He couldn't offer any explanation as to why he was keeping several thousand pounds in his trollies. After all, doesn't everyone?“He refused to blow into the intoxilyser machine at custody, so he will be at court soon for failing to provide a lawfully required breath specimen.“As for the cash, we are looking after it whilst we confirm whether or not it is his and where it came from. If it turns out to be ill gotten gains from some crime or other, we'll be back at court to take it off him permanently.”