REVIEW: Brainwavz B200 In-Ear Headphones

Brainwavz B200Brainwavz B200
Brainwavz B200
The business of connecting your preferred audio device to your ears isn't always a simple task.

You run the minefield of getting decent sound quality but also finding headphones on which the wire is not going to snap after five minutes of use.

Well the Brainwavz B200 have both of those factors covered in spades. Or the Brainwavz B200 Dual Armature Drive High Fidelity Audiophile In-Ear Headphones to give them their full titme.

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Brainwavz B200Brainwavz B200
Brainwavz B200

The manufacturer promise a sound experience which enables you to 'listen to music as the artist intended to be heard.'

It is a bold claim but the Brainwavz pretty much deliver on this front.

They don't go down the easy route of opting for a powerful bass. In fact, even to an untrained ear like mine, the whole sound feels really well balanced.

The headphones deliver excellent sound detail, picking up nuances in songs which would have been missed using other devices.

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Brainwavz B200Brainwavz B200
Brainwavz B200

Reading the technical bit, this comes from 'dual armatures' which to you and me means they contain dual speakers in each bud which work together.

When you are paying out decent money for headphones as you would be for these, good sound quality is a must but an underrated feature is comfort.

Plenty of in-ear headphones are fine at first but become increasingly irritating the longer they are left in. There are no such issues with the Brainwavz.

The chief reason for this is that the headphones come with six sets of silicone tips plus a set of memory foam tips which should cover the shape and size of any ear.

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I experimented with a couple of different tips but have settled quickly and have experienced no problems since. It may sound like a bit of a cliche but you don't really know you are wearing them.

The buds are excellent when it comes to noise-cancelling. Most of my listening time is spent on podcasts and the noise-cancelling feature ensured a greater listening experience. The crispness of the sound also adds to the experience of listening to spoken word.

The over-the-ear fit is comfortable also and sits nicely without pulling down on the lobes.

The wiring as a whole feels strong and sturdy. Again, when spending good money on headphones, you do not want the cable to break easily. The wiring of the Brainwavz feels strong, with the coating wrapped in a twisted manner which seems to provide real resilience and prevents tangling.

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Also helpful is that a small case is provided which helps you resist the urge to stuff the headphones in a pocket and risk breaking when not in use.

But even if you do shove them in your pockets, they very easily fall back into shape and you will not spend several minutes on detangling duty.

The average listener may baulk at the price but there is certainly merit in paying out just shy of £100 for something which delivers excellent sound quality, great comfort and also survive the knocks and scrapes headphones inevitably get.

You could very easily end up paying just as much for several pairs of cheaper headphones due to breakages and miss out on the excellent sound of the Brainwavz.


- Drivers : Dual Balanced Armature

- Rated Impedance : 30 Ω

- Frequency Range : 12 Hz ~ 22 kHz

- Sensitivity : 110 dB at 1 mW

- Cable : 1.3 m Y-Cord, Over the ear, OFC Copper

- Plug : 3.5 mm, Gold plated


- Earphone Hard case

- 6 sets of Silicone Ear Tips (S M L)

- 1 set of Comply™ Foam Tips T-100

- 1 Shirt Clip

- Velcro Cable Tie

- Instruction Manual & Warranty Card (24 month warranty)

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