Why have I got no water in Sheffield? The areas being hit by low pressure and what Yorkshire Water has said

A number of areas in Sheffield have been hit by low pressure and lack of water supplies this week according to Yorkshire Water.

Friday, 8th October 2021, 9:50 am

A number of postcodes across the city appear to have been affected by water issues throughout this week, with reports spiking on Thursday in particular.

Here is everything we know so far about the lack of water, what areas have been affected, why it is happening and when it will be fixed.

Why do I not have water in Sheffield today?

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According to updates from Yorkshire Water, a few different places in Sheffield have been experiencing either no running water, or low water pressure, throughout this week.

These appear to be due to either a burst water pipe – which the company now says it has repaired – or essential work on the water supply.

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What postcodes in Sheffield have been affected by the lack of water?

This is why some areas of Sheffield are experiencing low water pressure or no water supplies, according to Yorkshire Water. Photo by Nithin PA from Pexels.

Yorkshire Water sent a text message to those in both S3 and S5 postcodes yesterday saying people may experience no water or low pressure due to a burst.

It tweeted to say that residents on Rutland Road in S3 may be affected, due to essential work, as well as residents on Fox Hill Crescent in S6.

Morton Road in S64 was another affected area.

Urgent repairs were also being carried out on Wednesday on Osbourne Road in S11, leading to low pressure and no water.

Those in S3 and S4 postcodes have also reported having discoloured water, which Yorkshire Water says it is looking into.

When will the water in Sheffield be fixed?

Yorkshire Water says the issues in S3 and some other areas of Sheffield should now be fixed, although it has not yet issued an update on areas like S5, S6 and S64.

Yesterday it said it was aiming to restore supplies as soon as possible and would let residents and businesses know when the issue was resolved.

It also said water may be cloudy or discoloured for an hour or two after it is restored but this will pass.

How can I check the water pressure in my area?

Yorkshire Water posts updates on its Twitter feed, @YWHelp, about any issues which have been reported, as well as details on any scheduled repairs or maintenance work.

If there is no information on any planned works in your area, it could be that there has been a leak or a burst.

You can check the water status in your area using the Yorkshire Water website, which lets you browse by postcode.

Who is responsible for carrying out water repair work in Sheffield?

Yorkshire Water is responsible for all the pipework outside the boundary of your home.

This includes:

- water mains

- stop taps in the road or pavement

- the communication pipe leading up to the boundary of your home.

Your water meter and its connections also belong to the company, which will take care of any repairs or replacements.

However, water pipe responsibility changes at the boundary where the street meets your property. This is usually at your garden gate. If sufficient water flow doesn't reach this boundary, Yorkshire Water says it will upgrade the pipes make sure it does.

You are responsible for pipework between the boundary of the street and your home, stop taps on your property (either inside or outside) and all the plumbing in your home.

So if any of these pipes leak or you have faulty plumbing in your home, it's down to you to get it fixed.