Def Leppard Leadmill: 12 Pictures show fans at iconic Sheffield homecoming gig, and their reaction to show

One of them had waiting since before 6am.

But all shared the same sense of excitement as they waited to get into Def Leppard’s big homecome gig at The Leadmill on Friday night.

The fan at the front of the queue had been there since 5.38am in the morning, for what was an evening show, after travelling from Seattle in the USA.

She said she loved being near the front, in with the crowd, going crazy and singling along. She said: “I cannot believe I was able to get tickets to this. I was on the computer right away.

Def Leppard is my favourite, since I was nine years old. They are the reason I learned to play guitar, and its my favourite place to be, at a Def Leppard concert. There’s nothing better.”

She said her message to the group was to thank them for not giving up, for working so hard and being so dedicated, putting on the best show, and appreciating their fans.

One fan leaving the venue after the show described it as ‘electric’. She said: “Just seeing them in such a small condensed space, it was just electric.” She said she had seen them over 100 times, and this was in the top five she'd seen. "To see them somewhere like this, it’ll never happen again.”

Another fans said her message for them was: “Just keep doing what you’re doing. We love you.”

One fan said he cried, and described the set list as 'really good’. He said he’d been to aout 50 Def Leppard shows, but ranked Friday’s show at the Leadmill top.

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