Sheffield buses: First boss fears serious injury to driver or passenger through continuous vandal attacks

The boss of Sheffield’s biggest bus operator fears a series of attacks on services will cause a serious injury.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 9:31 am

Nigel Eggleton, managing director at First South Yorkshire has warned a driver or passenger could be hurt as a result of what he described as ‘continuous incidents’ which have been seen on the 75 and 76 route.

His comments come during a month which has seen a series of attacks and vandalism against buses, and while companies are working with police over the problem.

On Tuesday, the Stagecoach number seven service, which usually runs from Crystal Peaks to Ecclesfield, was stopped from travelling beyond Southey Green Road’s junction with Halifax Road due to vandals.

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First buses boss Nigel Eggleton fears someone will be seriously injured as a result of persistent attacks on buses in Sheffield

Mr Eggleton said: “I want to apologise to customers in advance who may be affected by journeys operating on our 75/76 services being temporarily suspended at short notice due to the continuous incidents we are experiencing with objects being thrown at bus windows and laser pens being pointed at drivers faces whilst driving.

“I am concerned that at some point one of our drivers or a passenger may be seriously injured through this mindless criminal activity, we are working closely with the police to try and identify and apprehend the people involved, but safety and the wellbeing of our staff and the travelling public has to be our overriding priority at this time.”

Tuesday’s disruption means problems have now been reported for each of the last three Tuesdays.

Tuesday, November 16, saw Stagecoach Yorkshire divert its 88 service to miss out Hartley Brook Road or Barnsley Road, because of youngsters throwing missiles at its buses. At the same time, First was terminating its 75 and 76 services at Firth Park for the safety of passengers and drivers.

First buses boss Nigel Eggleton fears someone will be seriously injured as a result of persistent attacks on buses in Sheffield. PIcture: Marisa Cashill

And the Tuesday before that, November 9, Stagecoach and First diverted buses near the Northern General, when services number one, two, four and 88, came under attack by hooligans throwing items at the vehicles.

Earlier in the month, 52 services were diverted via via Attercliffe Common and Greenland Road because fireworks were thrown at them on November 5.

And 83, 95 and 95a services were diverted via Pitsmoor Road on November 1 due teenagers on Rock Street and Nottingham Street shining laser pens at drivers.