Dad of abducted Sheffield boy taken to Iran sends callous texts to ex warning she will never see son again

The dad of a three-year-old Sheffield boy abducted and taken to Iran has sent a series of callous texts to his ex warning that she will never see their son again.

Cole Louis Saheb, aged three, from Fox Hill, Sheffield, was abducted by his dad in March last year and taken to Iran.

Farokh Mahmodpour Saheb, 39, from Iran, snatched his son during an arranged contact visit and breached court orders banning him from taking the youngster out of the country.

Cole Saheb

Known as Freddie during the 15 years he spent in South Yorkshire before he returned to Iran, Farokh claims he left the UK because he feared for his and Cole’s safety in Sheffield.

He and Cole’s mum, Tina Kayani, 40, split when she was pregnant with their son and Farokh only saw their baby for the first time when he was four months old.

He abducted Cole when he was 20 months old and refuses to say where the pair are living.

Farokh, who has sent his ex a number of photographs of their son since he was taken to Iran, has now sent a series of abusive What’sApp texts since she publicised the abduction.

In one message, he wrote: “Forget us forever. Ur dead for us. Ur not gonna see us forever. I can promise you that.”

And in another, he wrote: “Keep searching to make yourself busy. It’s like ur trying to find a goldfish in the ocean.”

He also said that Cole ‘doesn’t know’ his mum and is ‘so happy in his life with his real family’.

In another message, he wrote: “My son doesn’t belong anyone or anywhere, He is my heart and I’m gonna keep him beside myself.”

Farokh claims he is now married and his new wife is Cole’s mother.

Sheffield MP Gill Furniss is meeting Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials this week.

The case was handed to the FCO by South Yorkshire Police after officers conducted an investigation into Cole’s disappearance.