Car overturns on Sheffield road as neighbour calls for speed bumps ‘before someone is killed’

A resident is calling for speed bumps on a Sheffield street ‘before someone is killed’.

By Claire Lewis
Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 11:27 am

A car overturned on Laverack Street in Handsworth yesterday, prompting calls for traffic calming measures to make the street safer for local residents.

It is claimed that the downhill approach to Laverack Street from Richmond Road makes it easy for cars to drive too fast although the outcome of enquiries into yesterday’s crash have not yet been released and speed may not have been a factor.

A resident said traffic calming on Richmond Road would make the approach to Laverack Street, round a blind bend, safer.

A car overturned on Laverack Street, Handsworth, yesterday

“I feel strongly about traffic calming on Richmond Road to slow traffic down on the approach to Laverack Street,” the resident said.

“Yesterday’s crash saw a car hit another car and push it onto a pavement, right next to a gate.

“If anyone had been walking along there at the time the outcome could have been catastrophic.”

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