Anger and fear as 14 cars are attacked in night of vandalism on Sheffield street

Residents on a Sheffield street say they are angry and scared after 14 cars had their tyres slashed in night of vandalism.

Monday, 16th August 2021, 4:41 pm

People living on Brick Street, Crookes, woke up yesterday to find the trail of destruction and believe the damage is down to someone living on the estate.

Victim David Bowns said it happened at around 4.30am on Sunday morning and within five minutes tyres had been slashed on 14 cars altogether.

His car was left with two tyres wrecked, which he has yet to replace.

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David Bowns shows the damage to his car, which he says was slashed in a spate of vandalism on his street in Crookes

He said some residents had seen all four tyres slashed in the incident. Others had seen two or three slashed, with one victim having only one tyre attacked.

He said: “We don’t want it going on around here.”

He said the estate was home to elderly and disabled people, including his wife, and added that he was concerned that if anyone had confronted the person who was attacked the vehicles they may have got stabbed themselves.

He was still waiting for his tyres to be replaced.

Angry residents John Goddard and David Bowns, on Brick Street, Crookes

Another worried resident, John Goddard, said he was concerned someone was going to get stabbed sooner or later if the attacker returned. He said there were many vulnerable people in the estate and he wanted to see firm action taken by the police.

Crookes and Crosspool ward councillor Ruth Milsom was on the street giving out leaflets to residents about the vandal attack this morning and said it was not the first time it had happened on the street.

She said: “This is an upsetting incident that will be costly and inconvenient for those affected.

"We understand that people would like to see more action by the authorities in response and to offer further reassurance. We have written to the South Yorkshire Police Neighbourhood Team and Sheffield Council’s antisocial behaviour team to communicate this request.”

Coun Ruth Milsom with the letter she is posting to residents on Brick Street, Crookes

She has also passed residents a South Yorkshire Police number to complain to. She said she understood that officers could not prioritise everything but that the force was stepping up its community resources.

Officers have attended the scene.

South Yorkshire Police has been approached for comment.

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