Convicted killers to be sentenced today over shooting in Sheffield

Three men found guilty of the murder of another man are due to find out today how long they will spend behind bars.

Three Sheffield men are to be sentenced today for murder
Three Sheffield men are to be sentenced today for murder

The trio were convicted of the murder of 23-year-old Aseel Al-Essaie earlier this month after a trial.

CRIME: Man and woman injured in shooting close to Sheffield city centreAseel was shot dead after he pulled up in a car in Daniel Hill, Upperthorpe, to attend a family party to celebrate his twin sister's engagement.

Aseel Al-Essaie was shot dead in Sheffield

PHOTOS: Armed police at Meersbrook Park in Sheffield amid unconfirmed reports of shootingHe was rushed to hospital but could not be saved after a bullet penetrated his lung, heart and abdomen.

POLICE: Sheffield murder victim's funeral to be held next weekMatthew Cohen, aged 29, Dale Gordon, 33 and Keil Bryan, 32, were found guilty on a 'joint enterprise' basis, with the murder said to have stemmed from rising tensions between Cohen and the El-Assaie family.

Jurors heard that Cohen, of Clough Wood Road, Oughtibridge, had previously slashed Aseel's brother, Saleh, across the face with a pair of scissors.

The prosecution case against the three men is that Gordon, of Benty Lane, Crosspool, Sheffield, pulled the trigger but all three men were jointly responsible.

Aseel Al-Essaie was shot dead in Sheffield

Cohen admitted that he was driving the car from which the gun was fired but refused to say who the killer was.

Bryan, of Brackley Street, Burngreave, was a rear seat passenger in the car at the time.

All three men are set to receive mandatory life sentences for the killing but will have individual tariffs set today, which will determine the minimum number of years the men must spend behind bars before they can be considered for parole.

Cohen, alongside James Good, 30, of Ringstead Crescent, Crosspool, is also to be sentenced for perverting the course of justice over the burning of the car used in the drive-by shooting. Catherine Ainsworth, of the Crown Prosecution Service, described the shooting as 'cold-blooded murder'.