Sheffield pubs including The Francis Newton get judged in Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count Facebook group

Pubs in Sheffield have been put under the microscope in a popular Facebook group which scrutinises how many chips customers receive at Wetherspoons.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 8:22 pm

The Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count group has become an internet sensation of late, with more than 250,500 members now taking part.

The premise is that when a member visits a JD Wetherspoon pub and orders a meal that comes with chips, they must count how many they receive and let the group know, along with a picture.

They also write the name of the pub they visited in the caption of the photo, so others know what to expect when they visit.

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Sheffield pubs including Sheffield Waterworks Company have appeared in viral Facebook group Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count. Photo by Chloe Henry/Google Maps.

The group has members from all over the UK and is growing very quickly, with more than 10,000 new members in the past week alone.

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The level of detail on each post varies, with some becoming so invested that they even take a tape measure to find out the size of their longest chip – and some even going so far as to test the chemical properties of the food.

One customer visited the The Red Lion Wetherspoons pub in Doncaster last week and completed a very thorough review, including the size of the chips, the temperature and the PH levels.

Customer Joshua Burroughs visited The Bankers Draft in Sheffield city centre and received a 'respectable' 32 chips which he posted about in the Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count Facebook group.

They said the PH of the chips was 6.69 – ‘slightly acidic’ – and joked: “Brush your teeth after Wetherspoons chips to avoid cavaties.”

But the Doncaster pub wasn’t the only South Yorkshire establishment to feature on the site – plenty of Wetherspoons in Sheffield have also been included.

Which Sheffield pubs have been on the Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count Facebook group?

Sheffield isn’t shy of a JD Wetherspoon – from The Francis Newton to The Benjamin Huntsman to Sheffield Waterworks Company – all of which have featured in the group.

There has been mixed feedback for the pubs and their chip counts recently, although the reviews for Sheffield Waterworks Company in particular have been quite unfortunate.

One customer visited the pub earlier today (Wednesday, November 24) and posted a photo of one of Wetherspoons’ signature patterned bowls, filled with exactly 49 chips and topped with curry sauce – but unfortunately they were not impressed by the meal.

They wrote: “49 chips. Pathetic amount of curry sauce that’s brought back my depression. Son’s crying.”

Another visited Sheffield Waterworks Company last week and was left feeling less than inspired by the ‘poor showing’ on their fry up.

They added: “16 chips varying sizes, some of which were so short they weren’t even chips. Shocking performance, the sausages were bigger them too. 4/10 for effort.”

Someone else visited The Sheaf Island on Ecclesall Road and was not overly satisified with the 18 chips they received, as they were served ‘a lot of small ones’.

But it’s not all bad, as The Rawson Spring in Hillsborough has received some glowing reviews.

One customer visited yesterday and received 21 chips with their chicken burger, which they said they felt was a ‘median score’ and added: “Sheffield spoons chips > MK spoons chips”.

The Benjamin Huntsman pub also seemed to come off well in the reviews, with one satisified customer writing: “A fat 40 count at Benjamin Huntsman in Sheffield, delighted by the big yield tonight”.

Other reviews for the city centre pub were equally complimentary, with one customer receiving a ‘decent total’ of 23 chips with their burger and another being met with a ‘generous offer’ of 22 chips on their fry up.

The Francis Newton on Clarkehouse Road is also featured for serving up a ‘whopping’ 32 chips alongside a panini, while another customer received a ‘respectable’ 41 chips in their bowl.

The Banker’s Draft on Market Place has been posted about multiple times, leaving one customer a ‘happy lad’ for getting a ‘respectable’ 38 chips and another impressed with their 54 chips.

There was one majorly disappointing result for the city as a whole though, as one Wetherspoons’ visitor dissed South Yorkshire in favour of a pub over the border.

They wrote: “Travelled to Manchester for a gig and have 2 hours to kill before doors open? Sounds like a good excuse for chip investigating. 25 chips and 5 or so stragglers, actually arrived hot and fluffy. You have impressed me Paramount, Manchester, better than the results I've had over in Sheffield in the past.”