10 Instagrammable places in Sheffield including Peace Gardens and Weston Park

Need a new picture for your Instagram page? These ten places in Sheffield offer a fantastic backdrop.
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With autumn in full swing, it presents an ideal opportunity for an autmunal Instagram post. We’ve put together a list of ten great places to take an outdoor selfie in Sheffield - if your Instagram needs a boost, here’s where you can go.

We’ve tried to include a variety of different places - from those with exquisite natural beauty, to places with stunning architecture. Without any further ado, here are Sheffield’s ten most Instagrammable places.

Sheffield’s ten most Instagrammable places

Peace Gardens

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50 Pinstone Street, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield, S1 2HH.

Peace Gardens is an iconic Sheffield locale, complete with stunning architecture and a majestic fountain as its centrepiece.

It’s a popular tourist attraction and is beloved by the people of Sheffield, too. Not only this - it’s also a great place to take a photo!

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Clarkehouse Road, Broomhall, Sheffield, S10 2LN.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens may be Sheffield’s best showcase of natural beauty - as Sheffield is well-known for its eco-friendly initiatives, this is a very high accolade indeed.

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From the fountain to its magical greenhouse area, there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing parts of the Botanical Gardens to wow your Instagram followers with.

Weston Park

Sheffield, S10 2TP.

Here’s another inclusion that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Weston Park is beautiful and plays host to plenty of semi-aquatic wildlife, too.

If you have a following based on your love of nature and animals, this is the place to go - but if not, Weston Park also has some great architecture for you to feast your eyes on.

Sheffield City Hall

Barker’s Pool, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield, S1 2JA.

This may seem a bit too obvious - but if you’re in Sheffield and you’d like to take a photo, you can’t do much better than heading for its heart.

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There’s a pair of glass fountains right in front of the City Hall, if you need a backdrop. Alternatively, you can also take a photo from the stairs, or even inside the City Hall - it’s almost a hundred years old, so your followers may take an interest in its historical value.

Sheffield Train Station

Sheaf Street, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield, S1 2BP.

Sheffield Train Station, from the outside, is gorgeous. An amazingly crafted fountain/water feature spans down the path leading to its doors, providing perhaps Sheffield’s most iconic backdrop.

You can also head behind it to the steps, where you can get a jaw-dropping view of the city. If you haven’t taken a photo from here yet, what are you waiting for?

Winter Gardens

90 Surrey Street, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield, S1 2LH.

Located right next to Sheffield’s Peace Gardens and The Crucible is the Winter Gardens. A structure put in place to showcase some eye-catching flora you wouldn’t normally see in the UK, it’s small, but nonetheless beautiful.

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Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003, it has an extremely sophisticated system that allows its plants to remain healthy in all seasons. As such, it’s very easy on the eye all year round - making it ideal for a photo opportunity.

Millennium Gallery

48 Arundel Gate, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield, S1 2PP.

Located right next to the Winter Gardens is the Millenium Gallery, which hosts a wide variety of different exhibitions throughout the year. If you’re looking for something unique for your Instagram feed, this would be the perfect place to visit in Sheffield.

If you’re a fan of artistry or simply want a picture of something unique for your Instagram, you can’t go wrong with Sheffield’s Millenium Gallery.

Graves Park

Hemsworth Road, Sheffield, S8 8LJ.

Graves Park may be Sheffield’s best and most well-maintained locale. It was recently nominated as one of the UK’s most beautiful parks by The Times - and it isn’t difficult to see why.

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It’s packed with luscious flora and wildlife - if your followers are interested in natural beauty, you have got to give Graves Park a visit.

Sheffield Police Box

Surrey Street, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield, S1 2LG.

Now for something a bit quirkier. Sheffield’s green police box is a subtle reminder of times gone by - it’s very noticeable and vibrantly pops out against its stoney background.

It may seem like a strange inclusion, but it earned itself a mention in one of the latest seasons of Doctor Who - so if you have a predominant following of Sci-Fi fans, this is unmissable.

Endcliffe Park

Rustlings Road, Sheffield, S11 7AB.

A very popular place to visit on a hot day, the amount of great photos taken at Endcliffe Park is practically incalculable.

Whether you’re looking to take a summer selfie or a wide shot of the landscape, there really isn’t a way to take a bad photo at Endcliffe Park.