Sheffield retro: 1979 pictures transformed into colour to show what city used to be like

Gallery shows 38 old black and white pictures of Sheffield from 1979, transformed into colour for the first time

It was the year that started with the ‘winter of discontent’.

It was the year when Sheffield’s Wednesday’s epic FA Cup battle with Arsenal went to four replays, Argentina star Alex Sabella was lining up for Sheffield United, and we went to the polls for a general election.

That was 1979 in Sheffield.

Back in those days, all the pictures that we took for The Star were in black and white. But those of us who were there remember very clearly that the 70s happened in colour!

Now we have transformed 38 of our pictures from that year into colour using technology. They are sure to bring memories flooding back

We think it has breathed new life into the pictures, which show everyday life in the city as well as exciting special events.

You can see the pictures in the gallery below.

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