Sheffield history: 10 of the oldest buildings in Sheffield, including a pub dating back to 1400s

There are plenty of lost Sheffield landmarks which get those who remember them all misty-eyed.

But some buildings in the city have stood the test of time, dating back hundreds of years, and have fascinating stories to tell. We’ve put together this photo gallery showing 10 of the city’s most historic buildings.

It’s hard to state categorically which buildings are Sheffield’s oldest as records get lost and many buildings have been dramatically altered over time, making it tricky to say how much of the original structure remains. It’s generally accepted that Sheffield Cathedral is the city’s oldest building which remains intact and in daily use, with the bulk of what is there today dating back to 1430 and other parts being significantly older.

The other buildings on our list are certainly among the oldest in the city. They include a city centre pub which is the city’s oldest domestic building, dating back to 1475, and a timber-framed house built during the reign of Mary Tudor which today looks down over the city centre from one of Sheffield’s most popular parks.

Below are 10 of Sheffield’s oldest buildings, in no particular order.

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