Sheffield shopping: Continental market brings goods from kangaroo burgers to crafts to city centre

Continental market arrives in Sheffield, and this is what you'll find, from Kangaroo burgers to crafts

Businesses have made a bee-line for Sheffield city centre this week - with the city's continental market arriving for a four day stint.

The Dozens of traders have set up stalls along Pinstone Street, and on a section of the Peace Gardens, for a market that will be running until Saturday, after opening up for the first time on Wednesday.

It means that there will be an assortment of goods and foods in the city centre that you will not usually find during the rest of the year, with the products on offer ranging from kangaroo and ostrich burgers, to goods manufactured out of recycled materials including drinks cans.

We took a walk through the market, to take a look, and speak to some of those manning the stalls. Some mouthwatering smells came from some of the stalls, as businesses got on with cooking their products. They ranged from the spicy flavours of a Chinese street food stall, to the sweetness of Spanish crepes.

Trader Martyn Lamb, of Trader Art Coffee, was among those working there today, and was keeping busy selling coffee to customers. He said it was the second time he had come to this particular market, and felt it was well supported. by the local community

He said: "It's twice a year we bring in the international continental market. It brings flavours and the the world. It's been quite good so far. It builds up during the week, so Saturday is going to be the busiest day . We get a good response off the students, and off locals."

A trader on a stall from a charity called Wrongtime Village, who said his name was King, said he was selling arts and crafts made from recycled materials. He explained how they had made giraffes from cola cans using shredded metal and wire.

He said "It's a gift idea that helps people understand our environment, so it's environmentally friendly."

He said things had been slow so far compared with previous years and thought it was down to the current economic conditions. "This year has been a rough year for people financially." he added.