Royal Oak Deepcar: Historic Sheffield pub reopens again after refurb three years after closing down

It was three years ago that the Royal Oak shut down, leaving its regulars without one of their favourite haunts.

But today, drinkers in the Sheffield village of Deepcar are raising a glass to toast the return of one of its best known and oldest pubs, after it was taken over and brought back into business again.

Local history experts say the pub dates back to the 1830s, so is nearly 200 years old. Three years ago, the country was in lockdown and the pubs business was among those sectors of the economy worst hit. The Royal Oak had not opened since – until this week.

The Royal Oak on Manchester Road reopened on Sunday, with a night featuring live music and a packed bar.

It comes after new management was installed, and a major refurbishment carried out which has transformed the interior of the venue, with new seating and furniture, new carpets, new television screens, a pool table and hi-tech juke box, as well as eight different beers at the bar. Pictures below show the new look.

Bosses say the pub was packed on the first night of reopening, as people came in to have a look at the venue for the first time in years.

They also say that although they are not yet serving food, there plans to introduce it in the next few months.

Approaching the pub, the first sign of change is a sign tied to the front of the Georgian frontage, stating it is reopening under new management. Inside, there are spotless new carpets and furnishings.

Locals trying out the revamped local in the bar told The Star they were delighted to see the pub open again after so many years. Dave Bentham, who returned to the venue for a pint, said: “It’s fantastic. Too many pubs are shutting, and it’s been closed a long time. This was our local, but it’s our first time back in.”

Mena Bentham agreed, and said that she had very much missed the pub over the last three years. She said: “It’s always been very much a locals’ pub, and there’s such a gap in the village now that it definitely needed to be open. I think everyone’s pleased to see it opening again. From what I’ve seen so far they’ve made a really nice job of it.”

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