Tramlines Sheffield: How fans braved the rain today to see legends like Everly Pregnant Brothers and McFly

The first two days of Tramlines have been a huge party - now fans need to brace for the downpour on Sunday.

Tramlines day two kicked off with a splash this morning, thanks to the downpour overnight and all the way into the afternoon. But an ever so slight lull in the rain at lunchtime was enough for buses and trams full of festival-goers to get their wellies on and brave the day.

The Hillsborough-bound crowds were full of groups of friends debating whether or not McFly actually was the surprise set, teenagers reminding each other the lyrics to Foundations by headliner Kate Nash, and even one poncho-wearing bridal party.

Following a mysterious ‘Scottish Flies’ being listed on the lineup, the rumours of McFly making an appearance were confirmed as they took to the main stage at 3:45pm. As word spread, the rest of the festival seemed to empty for the duration of their 45 minute set. Even changing up their lyrics - “surfing” for “Sheffield”, and “moonlight” for “Tramlines” - could not stop the crowds from singing along. Star Girl and All About You unsurprisingly got the biggest singalong, the latter being introduced by the band as “probably the reason why they could come here today in a limo”. Seeing us out with Five Colours In Her Hair, the band joked “we’ve been the Scottish Flies… we’ve been McFly, we love you.”

The Everly Pregnant Brothers, a “Sheffield institution”, drew a huge crowd to the main stage, earlier in the day, including one lad dressed bucket hat-to-toe in Lidl merch, sitting on shoulders for the length of Stuck In The Lidl With You.

At T’Other Stage from 2:15pm, crowds filled the tent entirely and spilled over outside. This was probably a blessing in disguise for many, as Paul Smith has a tendency to target those at the barrier - this time, he Facetimed one teenager’s mum and said her son had been arrested, and went through another’s somewhat unsavoury camera roll on stage. Multiple people cited Paul as their favourite bit of the weekend so far - not bad for a comedy gig at what is primarily a music festival.

There have been some changes to times and locations of artists tomorrow, so make sure you’re checking the Tramlines app so you don’t miss anything. It features a “clash finder” to help you build a schedule to keep track of your plans, a map of the park, and transport tips for getting to and from the festival.

For those heading home on the tram later tonight, be sure to check the Stagecoach website for which dedicated services are available.

Tixel, the official resale site, still have a few tickets available for anyone fancying seeing Kaiser Chiefs, Professor Green, Ella Henderson, or Paul Keaton on the third and final day of Tramlines.