Walking: : Admirally fleet of foot

A walk above and along the Loxley Valley. The route takes in open countryside, passes through small villages and returns along the valley past with the derelict works that were originally established in the valley to make use of water power
Reader pics by Simon Dell clouds over shirebrook valley sheffieldReader pics by Simon Dell clouds over shirebrook valley sheffield
Reader pics by Simon Dell clouds over shirebrook valley sheffield

Park on Loxley Road somewhere near the Admiral Rodney Inn.

The Admiral Rodney pub was built in the 1950s to replace another inn called The Rodney, which was demolished.

Walk down hill to the 30 mph speed limit sign. At the sign turn right and go down Black Lane.

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Continue down until the lane splits. Take the left hand fork down to the cottages. Go down the steps in front of the cottage on the left.

Turn right at the bottom of the steps and continue down the path.

At the factory entrance take the path through the wall on the left.

Continue along the path and over two bridges.

The second bridge leads to woodland where the path is not initially clear.

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Go straight on from the bridge. After 50m take the steep cobbled path up the hill to the left.

The path has a handrail.

Keep going up the path until it emerges at the rear of the former Robin Hood Inn.

Go all the way around the front of the inn.

Take the public byway that goes up by the side of the inn and house.

At the track swing round keep to the wide track that goes up the hill with houses to the left and woodland to the right.

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Continue up the track until it opens out onto a road on the housing estate.

Go up the road. After 100m take the footpath off to the right between two houses.

Follow the path through the woods. The path keeps close to the houses on the left.

The path comes out onto Acorn Drive.

Turn right and follow Acorn Drive round to the junction on the right.

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Take the first proper road to the right, which is Acorn Way.

This leads to Spout Lane. Turn left and proceed up the hill.

Near the top of the lane take the steps on the right that go up to Stannington Road.

Beware the steps open out onto the road with no pavement on this side of the road.

Turn right onto the road and head away from Stannington.

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Pass the red brick house on the left and then take the track, Spoon Lane, down on the right just before the church.

Follow the track all the way down the hill. The track crosses the stream before climbing up to a sharp corner on Storrs Lane.

Turn left and climb up Storrs Lane past the farm buildings.

Follow the road round to the left and continue to the junction. Keep right at the junction with Lee Moor Lane.

Some 50m after the junction take the footpath on the left, just before the first house.

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Go along the track and past the house, through the stile and into the fields.

Continue through the first field. Go across the second field aiming for the white gate in front of the cottage at the right hand end of the run of buildings.

Go through the stile by the gate and the follow the path up through the farm yard. This farm is the home of Our Cow Molly ice cream.

From the farmyard cross the road and go along Hill Top Road opposite, sign posted towards Glossop.

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After 200m take the footpath to Dungworth on the right. The path goes up past the house, through the back yard and into a field.

Proceed down the field towards the village of Dungworth which is directly ahead.

Cross the stone stile onto Cliffe Hill. Turn left and take the road into the village.

Take the footpath that goes down to the left immediately after the Royal Hotel.

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Follow the path down the hill. This section can be a bit boggy in wet weather.

Follow the path through the stile and down past the cottage.

Turn left onto Dungworth Green.

Take the footpath down to the right by the metal gate just before the next buildings.

The path moves into woodland.

Before the path emerges from the woodland there is a junction with another well defined path.

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Take the path that cuts back to the right. This path drops down and crosses the stream.

Go over the wooden stile and then keep to the left as much as possible.

Go through the stone stile and follow the path with the stream close by on your left.

When the path reaches the junction by the mesh fence of the waterworks, go left and follow the fence until it ends by the bridge over the river.

Cross the bridge to the large mill pond.

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Turn right and go by the side of the pond and into the car park

Take the road opposite and to the right down through the factory site.

Pass the derelict factory buildings.

Just before Storrs Bridge Lane goes off up to the left take the footpath through the wall on the right.

Go left on the path that runs on the embankment between the river and the mill pond feeder.

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Part way along this path there is a large rectangular stone which has markings indicating the flow level for the feeder.

Follow the path past the mill pond and down into the factory yard. Care should be taken as the footpath is also the roadway within the works.

Turn left and go along the yard and then take the road left up the hill.

Follow the road right away from the farm and on to Rowel Lane.

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Turn left up Rowel Lane and continue up to Loxley Road. Turn right and go along the road, past Loxley Nursery and back to the starting point of this walk.

This walk is described, in detail, on Bradfield Walkers are Welcome, visit Bradfield Walkers for more interesting walks.

A walk in the Loxley Valley, near Sheffield

• Length 6.0 miles

• Time - 3 hours

• Grade - Woodland and fields with a few sections on roads. Short ascents. The paths are well defined.

• Start - Loxley Road, Hanson Road, near the Admiral Rodney Inn.

• Parking - On Loxley Road.

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• Public transport - Buses 14, 61, 62 from Hillsborough stop at Loxley Road, Hanson Road.

• Refreshments – Admiral Rodney Inn, Loxley Road; Royal Hotel, Dungworth; Our Cow Molly ice cream, Dungworth. Cafés at Rhinegold Garden Centre and Loxley Nursery.

• Public Toilets – None on route.

• Grid Reference - SK 3054 8993