Anthony Tomlinson: Sheffield boxer breaks wrist 15 minutes before fight – but still gets win

It takes a brave person to get into the ring and fight, but an even braver one to do so with one hand missing!

Sheffield boxer Anthony Tomlinson insists he is a ‘fighting man’ willing to take anyone on, even with the odds stacked against him – and backed up his words when he beat his latest opponent, who competes two weight classes above him, with a broken wrist.

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The 30-year-old from Norfolk Park injured his dominant hand with just 15 minutes until showtime while warming up in his dressing room at Ponds Forge on 17 December.

"I threw a shot and my wrist just went completely,” he told The Star.

"I was sat there for a good 10 minutes in agony. I felt sick, I have not been in as much pain as that.

"I knew something wasn’t right.”

Possibly against his better judgement, welterweight Tomlinson still boxed six rounds against a tough adversary keen to spoil the party for the home fighter and earned a well-fought win on points.

Sheffield welterweight Anthony Tomlinson. Photo: Dean Atkins.

"We were there to do a job that night,” he added.

"I don’t give any excuses, I go out and fight.

"I went to hospital a few days after that. I had a lot of pain in my forearm and a tingling feeling in my wrist. They said it looked a bit deformed.”

The dad-of-three, who has won 14 of his 15 fights as a professional, discovered the full extent of the damage on Tuesday and was given a four-week recovery timescale.

Anthony Tomlinson broke his wrist just 15 minutes before his latest fight - but still got the win.

His tough guy instincts quickly kicked in, however, and he removed a cast which had been fitted.

“I just feel like I’m a hard man, nothing troubles me,” said Tomlinson, who is the older brother of Sheffield United starlet Antwoine Hackford.

"For me to sit on the pot (cast) and feel sorry for myself, I’m not going to get anywhere. I’ve got to keep positive and keep moving forward.”

Tomlinson will continue to keep fit at his Manor Boxing Academy base while his injury heals ahead of a potential shot at the WBC International Silver welterweight title in March.

"I would fight next weekend if they needed me,” he declared.

"This fight game is a business for me.”