Arundel Gate road closure: Six facts about Sheffield’s £40million St Paul’s Tower

One of Sheffield’s busiest roads, Arundel Gate, was closed this morning over safety concerns for exterior cladding on St Paul’s Tower.

Here’s six facts about the city centre skyscraper…

St Paul's Tower

St Paul's Tower

1. St Paul’s Tower is the tallest building in Sheffield, sitting at 101 metres. It is 23 metres taller than the Arts Tower but is approximately 45 metres closer to sea level, which is why it looks smaller.

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2. The tower formed part of St Paul’s Place development, which includes the Q-Park multi-storey car park and casino and three office blocks.

3. It was completed and declared habitable in August 2010.

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4. The 32-storey tower is mostly made of glass, sandstone and bronze and has a roof terrace. It houses a total of 316 apartments and has one floor of retail space.

5. Construction on the £40 million building started in May 2006.

6. The luxury apartment building will be surpassed as Sheffield’s tallest building once the Velocity Tower beside St Mary’s Gate roundabout is completed in 2019.