When will it snow in Sheffield in 2021? Met Office weather forecast explained - and date of first UK snow

The Met Office has predicted there could be some snow in the UK in the coming weeks – but what about Sheffield?

Friday, 19th November 2021, 3:51 pm

Last week the forecaster has ruled out the chance of an arctic blast anytime soon, despite reports from a number of national newspapers that heavy snow is set to fall across the UK.

It ws suggested by some outlets that temperatures could plummet to below freezing by the middle of the month, but this was quickly debunked by the Met Office.

Experts said that although colder temperatures could now be on their way for Sheffield, November so far has been fairly mild and has not created the right conditions for snowfall.

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This is what the Met Office has said about the latest weather forecast for Sheffield - and when it is most likely to snow in the city. Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images.

However, according to the latest long range forecast and comment from forecasters at the Met Office, things could be set to take a turn for the worst in the coming weeks.

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Here is everything we know so far – and when it is most likely to snow in Sheffield and across the UK.

When will it snow in Sheffield?

The latest forecasts for the UK have suggested there could be potential for some snow to fall in the coming weeks, as temperatures begin to drop.

Although it is quite unlikely, according to the Met Office, ‘some showers in Scotland over high ground could fall as snow’ over the weekend – but if they do, they are not expected to settle.

A Met Office spokesperson did say confidence was ‘low’ that any snow would fall in the rest of the UK by the end of next week, but that the conditions needed for snow are ‘quite specific’ and this level of detail will ‘only be clear closer to the time’.

But they added that if they did fall, it would ‘not be unusual as we move into late November and close to the start of winter’.

There are not currently any predictions for snowfall in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, although the Met Office does suggest there is a ‘slightly higher than normal chance of some wintry conditions’ in the north of England before December 10.

While it’s unclear whether this means snow is on the cards or not, it could be quite likely as the first snowfall of last year occurred on December 3.

The flurries continued over the following days with temperatures dipping below freezing throughout the beginning of December, suggesting that this year could follow a similar pattern.

What will the weather be like in Sheffield next week?

It looks as though there is no snow on the cards for Sheffield just yet, but after a relatively mild few months, things could be about to take a turn for the worst.

Cold air is sweeping in over the weekend, dropping temperatures from an average of around 11 or 12C to just 7 or 8C.

But as we get towards Thursday temperatures look set to drop even further, to just 5C – which is more average for this time of year.

According to the Met Office ‘there is uncertainty over how cold this air could be and how much progress it will make across the UK’.

The Met Office says forecasting snow can be particularly difficult in the UK, as ‘most precipitation either starts off as snow or supercooled raindrops’, but melts as it gets closer to the ground, meaning we usually see rain, sleet or hail.

How likely it is to remain intact by the time it hits the ground depends on the temperature of the air – something which can often be very hard to predict as the ‘freezing level’ (the boundary at which precipitation will fall as snow rather than rain) can change so frequently and even by a few miles.