Sheffield weather: Suggestions of 'white Halloween' as experts say winter snow could arrive in UK by end of October

Weather experts have suggested that a winter storm could be on its way with a chance of some snow before the end of the month.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 6:41 am

According to reports from The Sun, a ‘freezing polar vortex’ could be on the way for the UK, bringing with it the chance of a ‘white Halloween’ for some areas.

But will there be snow by the end of October in Sheffield? Here’s everything we know so far.

What has been said about the winter storm?

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There have been suggestions that a winter snow storm is on the way for the UK, bringing about a 'white Halloween' - but will it snow in Sheffield?

Former BBC weatherman and meteorologist for Weathertrending, John Hammond, told The Sun that the collapse of the polar vortex could either plunge the UK into icy conditions or bring about some warmer temperatures – although he suggested the former was most likely.

He said: “An unusual weakening of the polar vortex may well have impacts on our weather later through autumn and into early winter.

“‘Sudden stratospheric warming' events can sometimes lead the polar vortex to go into reverse, which can have dramatic impacts on winter weather and increase the chances of severe cold.”

His comments suggested that the wintry weather could come in time for Halloween.

The Met Office has already forecast a much colder spell as we head into November, with the current above average temperatures set to plummet and more ‘frost and fog’ on the way.

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When will it snow?

According to the reports, there is a small chance of snowfall in the UK within the next three weeks, with some suggestions of a ‘white Halloween’.

The Met Office has warned that some areas could see a dusting of snow before the month is out, although this is only likely to be on very high ground like the Scottish mountains and some very northern parts of England.

Despite the possibility, Mr Hammond has reassured people that the chance of a sudden winter wipeout is still very low.

“The last time that lowland southern Britain saw significant snowfall as early as October was in 2008 - a measure of how rare it is,” he told The Sun.

While colder spells are still predicted for November, there is no update yet on any dates when snow could fall.

Will it snow in Sheffield?

It is quite unlikely that snow will fall in Sheffield anytime soon, although if the polar vortex does collapse then there is a very small chance of conditions becoming icy by the beginning of November.

However, the Met Office has said the chance of any low areas seeing snow before the end of the month is very low and this is only really likely over the Pennines and mountains.

Confidence in November’s weather is relatively low at the moment, with some unsettled periods and cold spells still likely during the month.

What is the weather forecast for Sheffield for the rest of the month?

Sheffield residents may want to make the most of the current warmer temperatures as these are expected to drop slightly in the coming weeks.

The sunnier and more settled period of weather is also expected to come to end next week, with more wind and rain on the way for the city.

The Met Office has predicted that a “period of unsettled weather” will begin from Sunday, October 17, with “showers and longer spells of rain” likely, as well as an increased risk of gales.