Valentine gestures, not love letters, on cards today for Sheffield's more mature romantics

Over 50s across the area are not falling for commercially driven Valentine's pressure today.

Love is ... gestures, not purchases, for more mature Valentines
Love is ... gestures, not purchases, for more mature Valentines

While cards, here illustrated by top ten DIY examples, still remain most popular gift for loved ones, only one in three from that age group will have put pen to paper to ask their partner to be their Valentine, marked here (admittedly late in the day) with what to buy quiz.

A Saga online poll of over 7,000 over-50s shows surprising percentage of people would rather show their affections with romantic acts than splash the cash.

While men remain more inclined to buy floral and confectionery gifts, female of the species prefers such shows of affection with one in ten tonight preparing a meal at home with one in 12 planning romantic dinner out.

Blokes of a certain age agree food is way to a lover’s heart with one in six set to celebrate over dinner but, rather than donning their aprons, prefer to go out and leave cooking to a pro.

Guys will typically spend £44 on the object of their affections, whereas gals spend just £15. But two in five folk (we know who we are!) don't plan to spend a penny on their partner this year, significantly more women than men refusing to buy into February 14.

Saga's Paul Green said: “Romance appears to be blooming among over-50s this Valentine’s Day. However, it might be wise to check you’re covered for all eventualities in case you set fire to the dinner or your paramour swallows the diamond ring you have hidden in her champagne glass."