Sheffield estate rocked by loud bang on second night in a row as Ministry of Defence denies involvement

A Sheffield estate remains baffled today over a series of ‘bomb like’ banging noises after a second one was heard yesterday night.

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 2:50 pm

Residents in Shirecliffe were mystified on Sunday night after they were rattled by an earsplitting crack at around 9pm.

Despite coming out of their homes to search for the cause, nothing could be found to explain it.

But the mystery has only deepened today after neighbours in the area reportedly heard another explosion last night at 9.20pm.

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Aerial view of Shirecliffe area.

Several residents who heard the noise have now spoken to The Star today bearing their own theories for cause of the sound – from exploding gas canisters to meteor showers to military exercises in the area.

It comes as a spokesperson from the Ministry of Defence told The Star in a phone call it was not responsible for the unexplained events.

Dozens of residents Shirecliffe have also attested to hearing the sound on the Star’s Facebook page.

They include neighbours from Penrith Road, Adkins Road, Musgrave Road and Pollard Avenue.

And, despite residents’ reports that police officers came out to Shirecliffe following the ‘explosion’, South Yorkshire Police says it has no record of attending any incident on the evening of August 1.

The force said it was called out to Penrith Road earlier on the same day at 2.20pm to reports of shots being fired.

A police probe into that shooting has been launched.

Penrith Road resident Roy Brook described the explosion he heard on August 1.

He said: “It was just the biggest bang. I’ve never heard anything like it.

“Me and my missus went outside and people were all out of their houses just trying to figure out what it was.

“I honestly thought a helicopter or a plane had come down. I thought a bomb had gone off and half the street would be missing. I cannot express just how loud it was.

“The police and emergency services were out in force not long after.

“We were all searching for what it could have been but nothing came of it.

“It sounded like it was overhead.”

South Yorkshire Police has been contacted for a comment over the second explosion heard on August 2.

More to follow.

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