Urgent RSPCA appeal for blind Sheffield dog Jasper after life saving surgery to remove eye

This blind little Sheffield dog was today in urgent need of help after an emergency life-saving operation.

Eight-year-old shih tzu Jasper was brought into the RSPCA’s Sheffield Animal Shelter, on Stadium Way, when he was already suffering serious problems with his eye having had medication stopped.

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But he finally lost his eyesight due to a condition called melting ulcers, in which bacteria produce enzymes that break down the cornea.

This blind little Sheffield dog, Jasper, was today in urgent need of help after an emergency life-saving operation to remove his eye.

It meant he finally lost his sight a week ago. But with vets concerned that the condition would spread into the rest of his body, vets recommended the removal of Jasper’s eyes – and emergency surgery was carried out yesterday (Saturday March 12).

Today, the shelter put out an urgent request for a foster home for him while he recovers from the operation, as the noisy environment of an animal shelter is not believed to be a good place for him to recover. And now he has a temporary home for the next couple of weeks – but the charity is now trying to find his forever home.

The shelter staff say it must be someone that understands a newly blind dog will need a lot of monitoring and re-assurance.

Forever home for shih tzu

Hunt for Animal care lead at the shelter, Hayley Crookes, said: “He came to us a few months ago. He already had problems with his eyes. He lost one eye a month ago.

“He had been well cared for but his owner could not longer look after him.

“He will need somewhere calm. He may seem a bit bewildered at first because he is used to us and our smells, and if someone had experience with a blind dog that would be helpful.

"He needs foster care for a couple of weeks or so to recover from surgery. We think we have that now after an appeal today.

"He had his operation yesterday, but he has already started to adjust to his blindness.

"When his eye started to cause pain it was time to do something, We would not have allowed the operation if the vets had not thought it was viable. He could have died if the eyes were not removed. This meant he could live.

“It looks like we now have a foster carer for him for a couple of weeks, but if there is anyone who would like to offer him his forever home, please let us know.”