Sheffield singer and X-Factor star Lucy Spraggan celebrates 11 months sober

Sheffield singer and former X-Factor favourite Lucy Spraggan has marked 11 months sober in what she said is her ‘biggest achievement yet’.

Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 9:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 11:15 am

Lucy, who shot to fame when she appeared on the ninth series of the ITV talent show in 2012, made the announcement on her social media yesterday (Sunday, 28 June).

She wrote: “11 months ago I had no idea what kind of an impact giving up alcohol would have on my life but I knew that I’d had enough of burying my problems, hiding behind the false confidence that drinking gave me and spending so much of my life just incredibly sad.

“I didn’t drink every day, I didn’t physically depend on alcohol, I couldn’t think of anything worse than drinking in the morning and I used to think that meant I didn’t have a problem. I didn’t fit the mould of what a person with an alcohol problem looked like.”

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Lucy Spraggan - Credit: Instagram

The singer-songwriter, now 28, has released five studio albums to date, with new album ‘Choices’ scheduled for release in October according to her website.

The post continued: “I was a self-described ‘life of the party’ which meant I needed everyone to be having MY kind of fun, everything had to be 100mph, I’d be pushy if you weren’t keeping up with me and I was always the last one to bed. Or not sometimes. But I always ended up in this miserable trance, either at the end of the night or for the days after.”

In the post she admitted she has “issues with moderation” but described the achievement of being sober for 11 months as her “biggest to date.”

She wrote: “ I know now that it wouldn’t just be one cheeky Guinness, so for me, it’s none at all. I have learnt what discipline means.

Lucy Spraggan.

“Next month I turn 29 years old and 12 months sober. I have never felt as alive and awake as I do right now.”

Lucy said the song ‘Sober’ on her new album “is one of my favourite [sic] I’ve ever written.”