Sheffield Nightclubs: The 46 Sheffield nightclubs voted by Star readers as the city's best ever

These are the 46 nightclubs our readers have voted as Sheffield’s best ever

Sheffield’s fantastic cultural history has made sure it has had great nightclubs over the years.

For generations, there has been something for everyone, whether that be disco, soul, rock or dance or anything else.

Which of those many venues has been the best will always be a great discussion – and now we have tried to provide an answer.

We invited readers to vote in a poll to say which was the city’s best ever nightclub, and these were those you voted for. The top 26 are included in the gallery below. Where possible, we have provided a photo of that great club, too.

We provided 10 suggestions, as well as an ‘other’ option, which allowed voters to choose absolutely any of the club’s the city has had over the years. And that’s what they did, with 46 venues receiving at least one vote.

As well as those that are included in the gallery, there must be honourable mentions from the following, who just failed to make the top 26, but all received a vote in the poll, which attracted hundreds of votes.

Those honourable mentions go to Code, Tank, Sinatra’s, Cavendish, Embrace, Fanny’s, Heartbeat, Scamps, 141, Zero, Maximillions, Hot Pants, Insomniacz, Casbah, Music Factory, Fiesta, Bed, Pulse, Tiger Works and Bierkeller, which between them make up joint 27th in a top 46. Each of them was a great night out for Sheffielders in their eras.

Thank you to every reader who voted.

And here they are, in reverse order – Sheffield’s best ever nightclubs, according to you, our readers.

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