Photos: Sheffield's Botanical Gardens transformed ahead of Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant's rumoured arrival

Sheffield’s famous Botanical Gardens are a hive of activity as film crews create sets for a production rumoured to star Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet.

Activity centred on the listed glasshouses where production staff were setting up what looked like a market scene with barrows full of cabbages. Gazebos had been erected over two ornate sofas and flowers, pot plants and statues were all being arranged. Elsewhere workers were handling cabling and gantries.

The park remains open to the public today and visitors and dog walkers were free to walk through the location.

But the full 19-acres are closed to the public on Wednesday and Thursday April 26-27, according to Sheffield City Council signs.

The new drama, produced by HBO, is set to be called ‘The Regime’ and will depict a year within the palace of a crumbling European regime.

Following the revelation the cast were on set at Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham recently, rumours that the production is moving to Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens have gone into overdrive after the council announced the area would be closed to the public this week.