Petrol: Long queues form at petrol pumps in Sheffield over fuel shortage fears

Long queues have formed at a petrol station in Sheffield today amid fears of a fuel shortage because of a lack of HGV drivers across the UK.

By Rahmah Ghazali
Friday, 24th September 2021, 12:28 pm

Despite a plea for drivers to avoid panic buying, motorists have been seen queuing up at pumps across the country, avoiding the official advice and filling up their cars.

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In Hillsborough, long queues were spotted at Morrisons petrol station, and there have also been reports of queues at the Waitrose station near London Road, where it is claimed some pumps have been turned off.

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Long queues have formed at Morrisons petrol pumps in Hillsborough amid reports of lack of fuel due to shortages of HGV drivers.

Due to a lack of lorry drivers to get supplies to the pumps, it is reported that a number of petrol stations across the UK have been forced to close.

Both BP and Tesco have announced some closures due to a shortage of HGV drivers causing delays in deliveries of petrol and diesel.

ExxonMobil said a “small number” of its 200 Tesco Alliance forecourts were affected and that it was working to “optimise supplies”.

Government has said people should carry on buying petrol as normal, despite the supply problems.

In an attempt to ration supplies, BP has also closed a small number of its sites and is reducing fuel deliveries to forecourts.

It said it has two-thirds of the normal forecourt stock levels needed for smooth operations, but warned this could drop quickly if panic buying occurs.

The UK is estimated to be short of 100,000 HGV drivers, with shortages exacerbated by the pandemic and Brexit.

However, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated that refineries had “plenty of petrol” and that people should carry on buying petrol as normal.

Speaking to the BBC, he said, if it would help, the Government could send in the army to drive fuel tankers.