Penistone Road crash: Mum shares mental impact of crash after car hits son's pram in Sheffield

The mother of a one-year-old boy who was hit by a car on Penistone Road in Sheffield last week has revealed the impact the incident has had on her mental health.

Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 4:24 pm

Shelby Hudson, aged 23, was walking across Penistone Road with her son Tommy in his pram when a car crashed into it, pushing Tommy and the pram down the road.

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Miss Hudson, who was diagnosed with PTSD on Monday, said: “I need to take diazepam to get out the house.

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Tommy was in his pram when he was hit by a car on Penistone Road

“I’ve been having panic attacks whenever we go outside because I feel like people are looking at me.”

Miss Hudson said she is “not trying to put him in the pram” when they do go outside now because she isn’t ready to do that again.

Last Tuesday morning, when crossing Penistone Road, near Owlerton, Tommy was hit by a car whilst in his pram and taken to hospital.

One-year-old Tommy's head injuries.

His injuries were not expected to be life-threatening and all the hospitals scans came back clear, but Miss Hudson feels he is quieter than he was before.

She said: “Tommy is still very quiet. His is getting there slowly but it’s not the same Tommy as before last week.

"He was always happy. He’s always trying to make you smile or laugh.”

When at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, after an initial check up by doctors Tommy was sent for x-rays.

Tommy was taken to Sheffield Children's Hospital after the accident

Miss Hudson said: “Tommy didn’t like it so I had to hold him down which was really tough for me.”

Tommy escaped with a few cuts, bruises and bumps, which Miss Hudson puts down to his pram protecting him from more severe injuries.

In an earlier interview with The Star, Miss Hudson said: “The pram saved his life. If it wasn’t for the pram and he was walking it would have been a different story.”

Police were called to the scene of the incident at around 9.35 am Thursday, June 9, after reports of a road traffic collision.

The damage inflicted to the foot of Tommy's pram by the crash

Miss Hudson said police were on the scene “within a minute or so” as two officers arrived from the nearby


South Yorkshire Police said enquiries were still ongoing into the incident and no arrests had been made.

The impact sent Tommy and the pram down the road from the crossing.