Rotherham men drive to Poland to deliver 30,000 items to Ukrainian refugees after 'unbelievable' response

Two kind-hearted South Yorkshire men drove to Poland to deliver 30,000 donations to Ukrainian refugees after an ‘unbelievable’ response to their company’s appeal for aid

By Yzabelle Bostyn
Friday, 11th March 2022, 8:22 am

The pair drove 4,300km, travelling from Dinnington in Rotherham to Poland, with a van full of donations.

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Jamie Turner and Scott Taylor, co-directors of 1ClickPrint, Dinnington, organised the appeal alongside their colleague Ian Fenton, after realising Ukraine was only a day’s drive away.

30,000 items were donated to a Dinnington firm to deliver to Poland to help refugees fleeing Ukraine

They posted an appeal on Facebook asking for sanitary products, nappies, toiletries and clothes.

Mr Turner, aged 42, said: “It didn't seem morally correct not to do something about it.

“The morning after I created the post my phone was pinging, pinging, pinging. I tried to leave my office, but I couldn’t get out for all the donations. It was a constant stream from little old ladies to kids, to local churches and businesses.”

The pair set off on Monday morning with a full van, having to leave some items behind due to the sheer volume of donations.

1ClickPrint in Dinnington appealed for donations for refugees fleeing Ukraine

The colleagues took turns driving and sleeping until they reached the Polish Red Cross depot in Przemyśl, Poland, on Tuesday.

Mr Turner said: “We drove 40 hours non-stop. It was a long journey and a challenge, but it was definitely rewarding.”

They arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border to below freezing temperatures where a group of young volunteers received them with open arms.

The 1ClickPrint director said: “It was absolutely fantastic to be met, not with chaos and pandemonium but friendship and gratitude.”

Not every item that was donated has made it to the Ukrainian refugees. The most-needed items such as sanitary products and nappies were prioritised, leaving food and toiletries to be sent with full time aid organisations like the Disasters Emergency Committee.

It was important, Mr Turner told the Star, that every donation benefits the people of Ukraine. Even the second-hand clothes which can’t be passed on will be recycled and the profits donated to aid Ukraine.

Mr Turner said: “I want people to know my gratitude for those who have supported us, even by sharing on Facebook.

“So many people have helped it’s unbelievable”

Now that the 1ClickPrint team have completed their mission they feel ‘relieved’ but hope their efforts will inspire others to help by donating to organisations such as the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Mr Turner said: “Our challenge to get there quickly seems to inspire people and it felt really good to draw people’s attention has been drawn even more to it so that they can donate and help.”