Hundreds raised to revamp a ‘forgotten’ Sheffield park

A group of parents and volunteers have started a fundraiser for a Sheffield park after it faced severe deterioration as a result of the pandemic.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 4:15 pm

The group called ‘Friends of Rolling Acres’ was recently formed in partnership with the Beighton community and is supported by Beighton Village Trust.

Their aim is to restore Rolling Acres Park and to make it a more nurturing, safe and a happy place for visitors and the local community’.

One of the volunteers, Katie Dawson, 29, said: “The group started because our local park was looking dire, unloved and needed a little bit of tender loving care.

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Rolling Acres Park in Beighton, Sheffield

“The park is part of my children's childhood. I have a three and six-year-old and we use it on a regular basis. I also use it for my own mental health and to network as a parent.”

During the pandemic, the park’s facilities deteriorated as it was rarely visited.

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Several pieces of equipment were damaged and expired items had to be removed for public safety.

Rolling Acres Park

Now it is frequently visited by all different age ranges and the group is hoping to fundraise thousands of pounds to purchase new playground equipment.

“Unfortunately the lack of funding has stopped the park from being improved over a period of time,” said Katie.

“We are hoping to bring in all different aspects of the community together, from the elderly to dog walkers that regularly visit the park, as well as helping patients in care homes and those in rehabilitation.

Rolling Acres Park

“We’d like the park to be used by all, rather than just being a playground for children.”

The group, whose other members include Kelly Thacker, Jessica Walton, Daniel Carroll, Emma Wolstenholme and Lauren Shaw, have raised more than £120 so far.

The group said in a statement: “It really would mean the world to all of us if the community could help make our spaces a more enjoyable place for all. We wish to develop Rolling Acres Park into a nice, relaxing space for all to share.

We would like anybody to join us in this journey as many people could benefit from the park and its welcoming appearance.”