Fury grows over 'raves' at Endcliffe Park as new photos show fresh sea of litter

This was the scene at a popular Sheffield park this morning, where residents once again complained about noisy raves keeping them awake.

By Robert Cumber
Friday, 26th June 2020, 11:19 am
Updated Friday, 26th June 2020, 11:20 am

Another huge clean-up operation is under way at Endcliffe Park today, Friday, June 26, after hundreds of young people reportedly gathered there again last night, blaring out loud music, drinking and taking drugs until gone midnight before leaving it strewn with litter.

The latest trouble comes despite police yesterday announcing new measures to deal with anti-social behaviour at the park, where neighbouring residents have complained for weeks about noisy gatherings, with people clearly flouting the two-metre social distancing guidance.

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Litter in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield (pic: @jonprecious)

South Yorkshire Police said yesterday that patrols had already been stepped up and following a meeting with representatives from Sheffield Council further action was being taken.

Temporary Inspector Louise Kent said this would include an ‘enhanced police presence’ with officers on duty into the early hours over the weekend, the main vehicle gate would be closed in the evening and parking partrols would be stepped up.

Despite the reassurances, former Sheffield council leader Paul Scriven tweeted last night: “Nice PR but not sure about the action. 10.15pm and load music blaring out of Endcifffe Park. So much for you dealing with this.”

Four-year-old Finn Hackett collecting rubbish in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, with his dad, Ben

Victoria Penman tweeted: “Nice sentiment but doesn’t appear to be having any impact at all. Are there actually any police there?”

Another woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said more ‘raves’ had taken place in the park last night before police came and dispersed the crowds at around 12.30am.

Ben Hackett, who lives in Nether Green and regularly visits the park with his two children, was among those there this morning helping to clear the piles of litter left behind.

He offered his son Finn, aged four, 5p for every piece of rubbish he collected but joked that it nearly bankrupt him as they quickly filled two big bags.

“This is the best park we have in Sheffield and it’s a real shame people don’t respect it. The most frustrating thing is that the council’s been really good and put out big bins but people are too lazy to walk 100 yards to use them,” he said.