Can you see her? Paranormal investigators capture 'drunk woman's ghost' at abandoned Sheffield pub

Ghost hunters claim to have captured the spirit of a drunk woman boozing it up at an abandoned Sheffield pub.

By Sophie Wills
Friday, 11th September 2020, 3:14 pm

Paranormal Hauntings live streamed all the ghostly going-ons for their Facebook fans when they visited Ye Old Harrow on Broad Street.

The derelict building dates back to the Georgian era and opened as a pub in 1822 before closing in 2008.

It has since stood in a state of decay and been dubbed one of the most haunted pubs in the city.

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It seems Ye Olde Harrow, which closed to 2008, is still home to a few patrons...

Former tenants reporting encountering a dark figure, doors closing by themselves and items vanishing before reappearing up to a month later.

It certainly didn’t disappoint Charlene Lowe Kemp and Aimee Sirdifield from Paranormal Hauntings, who captured heat sources, orbs and sudden drop in temperature with their equipment once inside.

“On first entering the pub we didn’t like it,” said Charlene. “We weren’t sure if this was because of how the place now looked and the fact that we could see evidence of what may be going off here in its recent days, or if something else was making us feel this way.”

Using an ITC machine, which measures electronic voice phenomena or EVP, the investigators said they picked up the words ‘Edward’ and ‘bear’ or ‘beer’.

Can you see the 'woman' at the end of the corridor?

A thermal imaging camera showed what looked the figure of a man or child ‘picking something up’ near the bar.

The ghost hunters then decided to conduct a strobe light experiment, believed to slow down the concept of time to the eye.

“Viewers watching the live video then sent on screenshots of what looks like a lady manifesting down the corridor, which leads upstairs,” said Charlotte.

“She appears side on, looks as if she looks at the camera and looks straight on again then fades way.

What the pubs looks like inside.

"I think the most compelling evidence for myself was when I asked are you down the corridor and a reponse came back ‘I’M SITTING’.

"I then asked where are you sitting and a response said ‘IN BETWEEN’and then ‘ON THE BAR’.

"This corresponds with the thermal image we caught there and funnily enough at one point one response comes through as if someone sounded drunk.

“I would have loved to have gone upstairs as I feel the most energy could have been up there, it just wasn’t safe to do so.”

The apparition then fades away.

Watch the live video on the Paranormal Hauntings Facebook page:

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