Adults in Sheffield are the most overweight in Britain, study finds, based on how much they want to lose

Adults in Sheffield are the most overweight in Britain, according to a survey which asked how much weight they wanted to lose.

Monday, 30th May 2022, 11:27 am
Updated Monday, 30th May 2022, 11:28 am

People in the city who were questioned said they wanted to lose nearly two and a half stone (2st, 6lb) on average.

The nationwide survey from sports nutrition brand Grenade found that those from the city want to lose half a stone more than the national average, which is two stone.

People from Cardiff came second on the list of cities desperate to shift some weight (2st, 4lb on average), with Londoners coming in third at 2st and 3lbs, and folk from Norwich coming fourth (2st, 1lb).

Adults in Sheffield claim they are the most overweight, a new survey reveals.

According to the data, a staggering 71 per cent of Brits feel that they are always on a diet but never seem to lose any weight, with 95 per cent complaining that information around healthy diets and nutrition is too confusing.

Meanwhile, nine in 10 of those surveyed think there is too much conflicting information available as to what makes a good or bad diet, and despite best efforts 15 per cent confess their current diet is 'awful', while 52 per cent said their diet could be a lot better.

Only six percent of those quizzed claim to eat healthily all the time.

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‘Understanding health is down to education’

Given the nation’s desire to lose weight, perhaps the lack of success is unsurprising, as the research also revealed that up to three out of 10 Britons believe a calorie is the same as a carbohydrate.

According to the data, 29 per cent believe that carbohydrates and calories are the same thing – while 29 per cent also had no idea how to define what a carb is.

A spokesperson for Grenade, which commissioned the research said: “Navigating your way to healthier habits can be a minefield, so it’s no wonder that so many Brits are confused by dieting terms – in fact, our research shows that up to three in ten wrongly think carbohydrates and calories are the same thing.

“While weird and wonderful diets may work for some people, getting into shape for good doesn’t need to be complicated – simply focus on calories in and out, and if you’re active, make sure you’re eating enough protein to support muscle recovery.”

The survey found that 58 per cent of the Britons polled believe we need simple, clear, and scientifically proven information when it comes to understanding healthy eating.

Forty-three percent blame misleading information in the media for the confusion many people face around dieting, while four in 10 (43 per cent) believe it’s important to remember that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to eating well.

And almost a third (32 per cent) believe understanding health is down to education, insisting that more should be taught at schools regarding the importance of a good diet.

Top 10 most overweight cities

Below is Britain’s Top Ten Fattest Cities, according to people in those cities.

Sheffield – (people here claim they are 2st, 6 lbs overweight)Cardiff – 2 stone 4lbsLondon – 2 stone 3lbsNorwich – 2 stone 1lbBirmingham – 2 stoneLeeds – 1 stone 12 lbsManchester – 1 stone 11lbsLiverpool – 1 stone 11 lbsLeicester – 1 stone 10lbsOxford – 1 stone 9lbs.