11 reasons Sheffield is best place to live as city tops table for movers staying local

The city exerts a pull on residents no other can match

It’s no secret that Sheffield is a fantastic place to live - and new data proves it.

The city has long been known for having an unrivalled blend of culture, community, friendliness, countryside, music, pubs, entertainment, shopping and affordability.

Now statistics from Compare My Move show how strong a pull it has on those who are in the know - the people who live there.

The moving services firm says Sheffield is top of the table for ‘loyalty’ - the percentage that stay in the city when moving house is higher than any other in the UK.

It found 53.8 per cent of Sheffield residents who moved last year stayed in Sheffield. This compared with just 31.8 per cent in Manchester, where people were keener to get away. In Leeds the number who stayed in Leeds when moving house was 42.9 per cent. 

What solidifies this loyalty is that when moving out of Sheffield, most residents don’t tend to go very far. The top places they moved to in 2023 were Rotherham, London, Chesterfield and Leeds, according to Compare My Move.

It seems you just can’t help but be moved by living in Sheffield - here are what readers think are the 11 best things about it.