11 reasons people love living in Sheffield, including pubs and music, as world's best cities are announced

The world’s 100 ‘best’ cities have been announced and, outrageously, Sheffield has failed to make the list.

The World’s Best Cities rankings are compiled by Resonance Consultancy, based on factors ranging from the economy to climate, culture and the culinary scene there.

London tops the latest table, ahead of Paris and New York, with Manchester in 72nd place, Liverpool 74th, Birmingham 85th and Leeds 88th. We can only assume that Sheffield’s absence means there’s some glitch in the calculations they used.

Perhaps they need to consult The Star’s readers before compiling their next rankings, as they came up with some great suggestions about what makes Sheffield such a great place to live, including the stunning countryside, super pubs, fantastic music scene and, most of all, the great people.

Hopefully our list of the best things about living in Sheffield will bring a smile to your face, fill you with a little Sheffield pride and perhaps inspire you to get out and make the most of the city.

There were a couple of comments from readers which we thought summed up what makes Sheffield such a special place in which to live better than we ever could.

Dez Board wrote: “I've lived in many places in the UK, my wife originates from Sheffield and we just love it here. There's so much to do and great people to meet. We've made this our home and have started our family here.”

Andrew Kondakor commented: “Back in 1985 when I was trying to decide what university to go to and I was stood on West Street trying to find the faculty of engineering whilst the wind rugged at the map I sort of knew that this was where I belonged.

“In the years since, I've met wonderful people, I've partied, seen brilliant live music, walked thought ancient woods, help defend the odd street tree, married a wonderful woman and raised children but that thing that drew me to this city is as elusive as it was nearly 40 years ago. It is still intangible.”