Axing of Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown show continues to divide Sheffield as over 7,000 sign petition

Following Sheffield City Trust’s decision to pull Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown’s Sheffield show, some have deemed it ‘great news’ while others have signed a petition to get the show reinstated.

Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 11:14 am
Roy Chubby Brown's show in Sheffield has been pulled (Photo: Getty)

The comedian was due to perform at Sheffield City Hall in January 2022, with the show having already been rescheduled due to the pandemic.

Following a number of complaints, the show was axed by Sheffield City Trust, which stated it does not believe the show “reflects Sheffield City Trust values”.

Jim Steinke said: “It is great news that Chubby Brown has finally been axed from performing his show at a publicly funded venue in Sheffield.”

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He told how there has been a long campaign to stop Brown having a public platform, believing that his content “has no place in a diverse city like Sheffield”.

Jim added that attention should instead focus on the Afghan refugees who may soon be settling in the city.

He suggested: “Rather perhaps it would be good to have a performance, on the night he was due to appear, by the amazing range of talented musicians, comics and performers, who have made their lives in Sheffield from abroad, whether as refugees or migrants.”

Haley Madden started a petition, titled ‘Let comedian Roy Chubby Brown perform in Sheffield’, which thousands of people have signed.

Some of those who have signed have cited ‘removing freedom of speech’ and ‘removing freedom of choice’ as reasons for signing.

Others have said that although they would not consider themselves fans of Brown, they believe people should have ‘the right to choose’.

Hayley said in an update: “I am absolutely speechless how many of you lovely folk have taken the time out and signed this petition and continue to do so as I type this. Obviously I don't know Mr Vasey personally (or Chubbs as we all know him as) but I'm pretty sure that he'll be thankful for everyone that has signed.

“It just goes to show folk how many people out there are fans of his (and undoubtedly more). There's even been folk that have signed this that aren't fans of Chubbs but believe that us (as fans) should have the choice to go and see his show(s).”

As of 10am on September 1, the petition had over 7,400 signatures.

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