Sheffield pharmacy 'at breaking point' after second break-in in five days

The owner of one of Sheffield’s busiest pharmacies has said his staff and business are at ‘breaking point’ after it was broken into twice this week and prescription drugs with a high street value were stolen.

By Lloyd Bent
Friday, 27th August 2021, 8:40 am

Qamar Riaz, who owns Sevenhills Pharmacy in Firth Park, says that the latest two break-ins, which saw burglars smash through the roof to gain access to the dispensary room, are just the latest in a spate of eight in the last three years.

The most recent took place at 2am this morning (August 26), just days after another one that took place on Friday, August 20.

Mr Riaz has said that police officers have repeatedly come to his business, looked at CCTV, had the CSI team in and launched investigations into the burglaries. All have led to nothing.

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Seven Hills Pharmacy in Sheffield has been repeatedly broken into

He says he has lost all hope for police help and staff morale is at an ‘all time low’.

“It is really frustrating. We have had break-ins through the back doors, the side doors and the front doors,” he explained.

“We reinforced everything with shutters and now they have come in through the roof.

"It is so difficult. It is hard enough trying to operate during Covid. We have had staff in intensive care during the pandemic. It is a real added kick in the teeth for this to keep happening.”

Thieves broke in through the roof of Sevenhills Pharmacy last night at 2am.

Mr Riaz says the thieves break in and steal large amounts prescription drugs, including gabapentin and diazepam which have a street value of £30 to £40 per box.

“It is putting the business at risk,” said Mr Riaz.

"It is concerning for staff. We are also running a Covid vaccination centre so we had to come in this morning to clean up and then start work. I had about 35 minutes sleep last night.

“We are already under a lot of stress. We are at breaking point, it is just too much.”

Thieves also broke in last Friday, causing similar damage, show here.

He added: “I have stopped giving police statements. They come in and it takes two hours, and then it leads to nothing and we have a backlog of work. I’d rather spend that time serving patients.”

South Yorkshire Police has been contacted for comment.

Thieves also broke in last Friday, causing similar damage, show here.