Sheffield man jailed for harassment after threatening to stab and set fire to former partner

A Sheffield man has been put behind bars for the harassment of his former partner, following an incident in which he threatened to stab her and set her on fire.

Monday, 20th May 2019, 1:06 pm

Amaad Yaseen’s relationship four-and-half-year relationship with his partner came to an end around two years ago, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Since then, the 22-year-old has been convicted of the battery of his former partner, as well as numerous breaches of the restraining and non-molestation orders she has taken out against him.

Richardo Chiles, prosecuting, told the court today that Yaseen’s latest spate of offending took place on March 20 this year when he sent her a string of abusive text messages.

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Amaad Yaseen

“The victim replied, saying she was at McDonald’s. The reason she did so was because he was annoying her and had made a number of calls to her mobile,” said Mr Chiles.

The complainant was in her vehicle in the McDonald’s car park when Yaseen, of Staniforth Road, Darnall got into the front passenger seat.

“He took a cigarette from the central reservation and said: ‘I told you I was going to light you, and this car, on fire’,” Mr Chiles told the court.

Mr Chiles said the complainant responded to this by telling Yaseen to get out of her car.

“The defendant started to intimidate her, saying: ‘You think you’re bad’. He then reached into his back pocket and said: ‘Shall I duke you,’ that being a reference to stabbing,” added Mr Chiles.

Yaseen then proceeded to attempt to take the car keys from the complainant, and was only stopped when one of his friends, who happened to be passing by, intervened and forced him out of the car.

The complainant subsequently called the police and attempted to drive off, but as she did so Yaseen kicked the rear bumper of her car, the court heard.

In police interview, Yaseen said he was aware of the restraining order in place but answered no comment to the questions concerning the text messages and his actions in the McDonald’s car park.

The complainant, who has a child with Yaseen, declined to submit a victim personal statement to the court.

Yaseen pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment at an earlier hearing.

Laura Marshall, defending, told the court that the complainant had herself breached the restraining order in place by contacting Yaseen and his family, adding that she did not submit that information to the court to excuse her client’s actions, but rather to provide some context to the background of his offending.

“If he carries on with this behaviour, he is destined to carry on serving sentences, whether that is in the community or custody. He needs to sort himself out, move on with his life and establish a platonic relationship with the complainant in course in order to ensure the wellbeing of their child,” added Ms Marshall.

Judge Rachael Harrison sentenced Yaseen to 20 months in prison, which she described as the ‘least’ sentence she could impose upon him.

“You got in her car, you were abusive and threatened to set her and her car on fire. You said: ‘Shall I duke you,’ which she took as a threat to stab her,” said Judge Harrison, adding: “Your position is significantly aggravated by your previous convictions and your continued disregard for court orders..your repeated behaviour shows that at this stage rehabilitation isn’t a realistic prospect.”

The restraining order, which is due to expire in August 2021, remains in place.

- South Yorkshire Police have been asked to provide a custody image of Yaseen