Sheffield man faces jail for harassing ex-partner while wearing frightening "skeleton" mask

A man is facing a possible prison sentence after he harassed his ex-partner while he was wearing a “skeleton” mask.

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 10:24 am

Simeon Ibbotson, aged 33, of Brailsford Road, Ecclesfield, Sheffield, repeatedly called and threatened his ex-partner before following her while wearing a “skeleton” mask, which he also wore during insulting Snapchat posts, according to a court hearing.

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Ibbotson’s ex-partner stated: “I feel like something major is going to happen for this to end such as him killing me.”

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Sheffield Crown Court, pictured, has heard how a man is facing a possible prison sentence after he harassed his ex-partner while wearing a frightening "skeleton" mask.

Prosecuting barrister Vincent Blake-Barnard told the Sheffield Crown Court hearing on November 10 that Ibbotson had raised concerns after he set fire to furniture at a home and he appeared to be having some sort of mental breakdown.

Mr Blake-Barnard added that months later, in May, Ibbotson called his ex-partner and threatened to kill her and he made further calls with further threats.

On another occasion, Ibbotson was seen near his daughter’s school wearing a “skeleton” mask and after his daughter was escorted to his ex-partner’s car he could be seen following them while wearing the mask, according to Mr Blake-Barnard.

Mr Blake-Barnard said that as the complainant was directed to Ecclesfield police station, Ibbotson drove past her blowing kisses.

The defendant has also posted insulting Snapchat posts while wearing the mask, according to Mr Blake-Barnard.

Ibbotson told police he had been wanting to talk about child support payments and that his ex-partner was making things up to get him into trouble.

But the defendant, who has previous convictions and has been subject to a restraining order, has pleaded guilty to harassment.

The complainant stated she has had to move addresses three times and feels like something major is going to happen to bring it all to an end.

Sean Fritchley, defending, said Ibbotson had set fire to a sofa at a home that was under renovation and it had happened when he was going through a bad patch with his mental health and his daughter had not been present.

Judge Michael Slater told Ibbotson: “I need further information about you and your situation before I decide what the appropriate sentence is in this case.”

He adjourned the case until January 10 for the preparation of a psychiatric report but warned Ibbotson he was keeping all sentencing options open including custody. The defendant was released on bail.